Bar Snacks & Small Plates

Bar Snacks & Small Plates

Olives £4

Bread & Alioli £4

Anchovies on Toast £6

Pan con Tomate £5

Simple, delicious bread, tomato, oil and salt

Full King Prawns (4) £12

Cooked fast in the pan with garlic, chilli and oil

Croquetas de Jamón(4) £8

Iberico ham croquetas with alioli

Croquetas de Manchego (4) £8

Manchego cheese croquetas with Gochujang sauce

Tomato & Onion salad £6

Thinly sliced Spanish tomatoes with white onions. Oil, salt & basil

Chicken Skewers (3) £10

Marinated chicken skewers served with a mango salsa

Indian spiced lamb kofta (2) £12

Spiced and marinated minced lamb served with  mint yoghurt

pickled onions & coriander

Oxtail Nuggets (3) £14

Jamaican style oxtail nuggets with papaya & Scotch Bonnet

Bavette Steak 220g £20

HG Walters bavette. Finished with oil, parsley and garlic

Roasted Fennel £8

Sweet poached in saffron and butter. Harissa, yoghurt, nuts

Cucumber & Caribbean Avocado Salad £6

Lime juice, oil, chilli, cumin, garlic

Merguez, French style £16

Sexy, spicy Merguez sausage on a bed of sexier lentils