January Cocktail Menu

Sweet, Wet Martini

Haku vodka, grapefruit oleo, Balthazar white. Mint slap. 

Everything that a dry martini isn’t.. served with a lemon twist. £13

C U L8ter Rye Rye

Wild Turkey Rye, Benedictine, Cocchi Rosa, peychaude + soda. £14

A lovely grown up long drink. Sweet, bitter and herbal.

Island Life

A perfect balance of sweet rum & pineapple, salty sea and dry wine. Clear liquid loveliness. Served with a pineapple slice snack.

Plantation 3, roasted pineapple, cardamon, salt, riesling, pineapple.  £13

Rainy Day

A delicate pairing of gin and sour fruit. Light on the tongue. Refreshing.

135 East hydro Japanese gin, poire, lemon, rhubarb. £14

East London Negroni 

A classic bitter drink. Single bottle serve with fresh orange slice.

East London Liquor Co. gin, Carpano sweet vermouth, Campari.  £12

Hickory Smoked Old Fashioned 

Perfectly prepared classic. Single bottle serve. Dehydrated orange for max flavour.

Woodford Reserve bourbon, bitters, house smoked sugar.  £14

Coffee Finisher

Sweet but not sweet, bitter but not bitter, coffee but not coffee.

Martel VS, homemade coffee liqueur, amaretto brine. Smoke. £13

Paloma Picanté

Non sugar forward but spicy fresh. Ancho and a Scotch Bonnet reduction give the tequila and grapefruit an exciting heat. Picanté half rim.

El Rayo tequila, Ancho Reyes, fresh grapefruit & lime. Spicy rim.  £13

Shutter Speed

Indulgent mouthfeel. Festive flavours.

Xante, lemon, cynar, egg and amaretto. Mint slap. £13.50


A multi layered punch like rum drink with a stunning mouthfeel. 

Guava infused Appleton 8yr Jamaican rum, Flor de Caña Nicaraguan rum, Rhum, Yellow Chartreuse, pomegranate, orange & lime. Smoke. £14.50

Pisco Sour. Chile

The fight between sour citrus and sugar is washed away by velvet..

Imported Alto de Carmen Pisco, egg white / vg, lemon & lime, sugar, balancing bitter.  £13 

Coco Dora

Coconut fat washed vodka compliments the sour raspberry & lime. Sugar and ginger beer balance and finish the drink perfectly.

Coconut washed Finlandia vodka, raspberry, sugar, lime. Ginger beer.  £12.50

Coronation Julep

Monkey Shoulder scotch celebrated with madras, giving a patriotic finish.

Scotch, lemon, madras, sugar, celery bitters, fresh mint.  £14